Do you prefer to manage your own portfolio and make your own investment decisions?

If you're not ready to delegate your investments to an advisor, we can provide you with the tools and resources to manage your own portfolio

Managing an investment portfolio is more than just picking stocks

Picking stocks is easy, but without the proper approach to managing your portfolio, you might end up with an incoherent collection of individual ideas that have higher risk than you anticipate.
Our Portfolio Guidance services are predicated on four critical factors.
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To effectively manage your portfolio you must have an overall strategy. Without a goal, a plan, and an approach to get there, you set yourself up for failure.


Our in-depth analysis will highlight opportunities and risks in your portfolio and identify tactical allocations to consider and individual security analysis.


Based on your goals and your investment profile, we help you figure out how best to implement a strategy and which securities are best suited for your portfolio.


We will monitor the macroeconomic environment and securities within your portfolio to identify opportunities to reduce risk or maximize returns.

Investing your own money has several requirements

If you've ever bought a stock that has performed well then you probably think investing is easy, but it's not. Humphrey Neill, a famous investor, once said, "Don't confuse brains with a bull market".

When the market is volatile or in a downward trend, that is when managing money becomes more difficult. With the proper tools, resources, and guidance, it can be done, but it's not easy.

We understand that you don't want to give up control and/or pay portfolio management fees, but we also want you to be successful, and can be a sounding board for your portfolio strategy and investment considerations. If you go it alone, however, you should think about the following requirements for managing your own money.

It takes time to analyze and monitor investments


Creating a process and being methodical about it.

Risk Management

Being aware of and managing risk is critical.


Have you managed your portfolio through good times and bad?


Managing your portfolio means you have to keep up with the latest news.


Leave emotions and hunches out of the investment decisions.

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    A Portfolio Analysis will help you evaluate how your portfolio is positioned by not only looking at individual positions but determining how they should perform together.

    An analysis will identify whether you're properly diversified, risky positions, and how the portfolio might perform under certain conditions by using stress testing.

    Our portfolio analysis and guidance is comprehensive and institutional quality

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