We help strengthen your 'Trusted Advisor' brand with outsourced investment services

For advisors who want to grow their business, our extended workforce offering is a partnership that provides a customized investment solution that enhances your value proposition, enabling you to provide higher quality services while creating deeper relationships with current and prospective clients. Contact us about our outsourced investment services today!

Not your typical Turnkey Asset Management Program

Unlike the well-known turnkey asset management platforms that charge fees based on assets under management and require you to move assets onto their platform, our outsourcing service is better known as an extended workforce solution.

We become an extension of your firm by becoming your investment team. You maintain control of your investment philosophy and methodology and you pay us
monthly for the services we provide, not the amount of assets you have under management.

Think of us as an employee of your firm that doesn’t need benefits or office space, for a fraction of the cost to hire in-house.

Grow your business, keep the revenue

Maintain your advisory identity

Expand your investment offering

Our services are 100% customizable and include the following.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Investment Strategy and Research
  • Portfolio Advisory
  • Alternative Due Diligence
  • Investment Committee Participation
  • Black Diamond Optimization & Management
OIS Services

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Outsource all or portions of your portfolio management functions to us and free up your time for client-facing activities

Use a predefined model portfolio or let us customize a set of model portfolios specifically for your clients

  • Outsource all or portions of your portfolio management functions to us and free up your time for client-facing activities.
  • Use a predefined model portfolio or let us customize a set of model portfolios specifically for your clients.

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Investment Strategy and Market Research

Research and advisory services at a macro-level, using both paid third party and proprietary in-house research. The service is best
suited for clients who need broad level strategic advice to apply to portfolio management.
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Macroeconomic Analysis

Research on macroeconomic factors and trends and how they may aect specific asset classes, regions,
and sectors, within your client portfolios.

Asset Allocation and Strategy

Ongoing monitoring of asset allocation strategies that identify over/under weights as well
as advice on specific positioning within each asset class within your model portfolios.

Investment Themes and Ideas

Draw from our list of current investment themes or request that we conduct research on a theme of
interest and we will continue to monitor that theme - along with all relevant data and positions - until the theme is no longer favored.

Monthly Commentary

White labelled monthly summaries of macro trends, asset allocation updates, theme reviews, etc.

Portfolio Advisory

Detailed analysis and recommendations on firm specific portfolios based on your company's investment philosophy and implementation strategy.

Portfolio Analysis and Structuring

Analysis of your current model and client portfolios and recommended portfolio structuring that is
consistent with your investment approach and platform.

Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation

Based on our research and customized to client models, we can provide recommendations on
asset allocation changes to models or specific client portfolios on an ongoing basis.

Asset Class Strategy

Detailed analysis and recommendations on how to invest in specific asset classes (i.e. Within large caps, we may
favor certain sectors over others, or prefer value over growth)

Model Portfolios Management

Provide model portfolios - down to the security level - for a variety of investor profiles and customized
to use your investment philosophy and approach. Includes monthly performance tracking and commentary on return drivers and risk.

Risk Management

Evaluate positioning relative to models and mandates on an ongoing basis using risk analytic software and
identifying gaps, risks, and opportunities within current portfolios. This service includes ongoing stress testing and scenario analysis.

Monthly Summary

White labelled monthly summaries on model and portfolio asset allocation strategies, model portfolio performance
results, forecasts, risks, recommendations and more.

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Investment Analysis

In-depth research on mutual funds, ETF's or individual securities provided through a combination of third party buy-side research firms and
in-house proprietary analysis.
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Mutual Fund or ETF Research and Monitoring

Using 3rd party and in-house software and resources, we can provide an in-depth
fundamental analysis of mutual funds or ETFs to identify best of breed fund managers within each asset class and provide ongoing
monitoring to identify opportunities to improve your asset mix of managers.

Securities Analysis and Research (Equities and Fixed Income)

For firms that invest in individual securities, we use a combination of
buy-side research and in-house analysis to develop a list of recommended securities in both equities and fixed income with ongoing

Investment Modules

An investment module is a group of individual positions that share a common investment theme. Modules are a
good way to introduce investing in individual securities to portfolios typically invested in mutual funds or ETFs. We use modules to
more eciently track the portfolio drivers of a specific group of stocks.

Monthly Performance Measurement

On a monthly basis, we will calculate the return on each investment and compare it to an agreed on benchmark and peers to determine their absolute and relative performance as well as the risk-adjusted returns for each position.

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    Alternative Investment Advisory and Due Diligence

    Includes both an investment and operational due diligence report and will include ongoing monitoring for the life of the investment for all
    approved managers/funds when services are based on a monthly fee (project pricing also available). Our fees include all expenses incurred to
    perform due diligence, including scheduled annual manager visits, documenting, and hiring of any third-party providers for additional services.
    • Policy Setting

      Current policy review and development of updated or new policies consistent with each advisor's unique value proposition.

    • Due Diligence

      Includes evaluation of market opportunity, manager search and analysis, and detailed due diligence report.

    • Investment Monitoring

      Continuous monitoring of all approved managers throughout the life of the investment, including periodic site visits, performance reviews, and updated research.

    • Periodic Reviews

      Updated reports on a monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc basis per agreement. Format and content fully customizable to meet all internal requirements.